How long should my copywriting be? Is long copy better than short copy? Have you seen my glasses? These are questions I’m asked quite often and the truth of the matter is… It depends. Yes and no. And they’re on your head.

The long copy vs short copy debate has been going on since, well, since advertising masters wrote copy about things we never thought we needed. There is a copywriting mantra: “The more you tell, the more you sell.”

This lovely little rhyme doesn’t apply in every case though. Each copywriting style offers pretty compelling benefits and each is useful in different scenarios. So the best one is the one that works.

Ug. That’s a frustrating answer, I know.

So this post will take you through long copy and short copy and why you might choose one over the other.

Let’s start with long copy

Do you remember those really long sales letters that went on for pages and pages? You still see them as magazine advertorials (advertising parading as articles) or direct mail selling Reader’s Digest. Nowadays, long copy is more commonly seen on online sales landing pages that are thousands and thousands and thousands of words long.

Long copy usually opens with a story and specific challenges that make you go, “Hey, that’s me!”

The story is emotionally charged as our pain points are agitated like hell.

The solution presented has lists of inclusions, special bonus offers and lots of testimonials showing you how much other people have benefited.

Long copy lets you include more detail about your product (or service) so it really suits unusual products and customers who like to have a lot of information before they make a decision.

Long copy lets you tell more of story, which can help you overcome any objections in an engaging way while triggering an emotional response from the reader.

Long copy lets you pack in lots of testimonials to show off the proof of other happy customers. This is especially important if your price is quite high.

If your target audience is really connecting with your message, they will read every word.

Want to see some long copy pages in action? is jam packed full of long copy.

Some tips if you are writing long copy:

  • Include great subheadings so your readers can skim through if they want, jumping in and out of sections without having to read every single word.
  • Use lists and different formatting to break the copywriting up and make it more interesting for the eyes.
  • Repeat your call to action so your reader doesn’t have to scroll up and down looking for where they can take the next step.

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