16. June 2021

Foreigners in Bratislava

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Foreigners in big trouble

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Due to the COVID-19 situation, the labor office has made its decision, any renewal or issuing of a new work permit is automatically denied. So far, there are huge amounts of people from Serbia, Ukraine, and a couple of African countries who are facing the same issue. Some of them can stay, and wait until COVID-19 or at least the Crysis situation in Slovakia is over, while others, don’t have that luck and basically they are forced to go home.

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While many foreigners blame the foreign police, truth is that foreign police are basically doing what’s told to them, not to renew or issue any new permits for Non-EU nationals.

Brexit is partially guilty?

Recently, we’ve seen that profesia.sk never had more jobs available than now, most of these jobs are in IT sector, but still, a number of jobs have been outstanding. While our sources from international companies are complaining that they can’t find qualified staff for their roles, the question remains is this decision made on purpose because of Brexit, and that a lot of Slovak citizens are now coming home, so they will be welcomed by this new law and they can peacefully find jobs. A lot of companies at this moment are having a hard time finding qualifying staff, mostly international companies, so this law is becoming a setback for the country itself because fewer and fewer foreigners are coming in, more and more apartments are up for rent. From next week, outside of bars, restaurants will be open, and people will be able to enjoy coffee and beer, while there is still no news regarding the change of this law, what doesn’t make sense it’s that people who already work in Slovakia, their jobs are in danger, because of the law. Many foreigners blame the government for not doing this part carefully because this literally means that foreigners are being forced out, for Slovaks and EU citizens to take over the jobs, but they simply don’t want to work on the same jobs that foreigners mostly do. Will this mean Slovakia will need more people? Will foreigners who are being thrown out ever come back?

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