16. June 2021

Foreigners in Bratislava

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Rent prices are going down

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Due to recent events, due to COVID-19, and fewer more foreigners coming, we have noticed that rent prices are going down. Of course, some landlords are still keeping the same prices, but there are a lot more apartments which are not studios for rent, from 400€ already. During the same time last year, a one-room apartment (living room + bedroom) was almost impossible to find under 550€, not to mention commissions, taxes, and what not? But since March, prices have gone down a bit. Now you will be able to find a studio apartment between 300 and 500€, while one (two) room apartments can be found from 400 to 600€. This is a good improvement on the market since there are not a lot of foreigners coming in, people who already live in Bratislava may find this as a perfect place to relocate. We’ll continue to monitor the real estate market, and any change will be seen on our portal.

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